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Jack Shephard (Lost)

A real nice guy

Jack is represented here with the outfit he wears during the crash and in the first episodes of the series. We find his blue jeans and the purple T-shirt with very short sleeves. On his back, he carries the backpack containing the necessary things to try to send a distress signal from a high point of the island. On his head, we find his thick black hair and the very light beard that he wears most of the time.


The leader of the group

Jack Shepard is the leader of the group of survivors in Lost, the famous series by J. J. Abrams. The story of this series begins when a plane crashes in the middle of the Pacific and its 70 survivors find themselves on a deserted island that will soon turn out to be more dangerous than it seems at first sight. Being a prominent surgeon, Jack will soon prove to be important for the survival of the group and will therefore logically become its unofficial leader. He will also develop a friendship with Hurley as well as Sayid and Sawyer even if it is also very competitive since they will both develop feelings for the pretty Kate.


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