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Ice King (Adventure Time)

The king with the big nose

As in the series, the Ice King does not have a really nice look. We can see his light blue face with a big white beard going down to the ground. He is represented with his arm raised and a particularly angry expression on his face. His mouth shows his sharp teeth and we can see his big hooked nose and his lightning bolts as eyebrows. On his head, we also find of course his big golden crown decorated with red gems.


The King of the Ice Kingdom

Ice King is a recurring character in the Adventure Time cartoon. This one takes place in an atmosphere at the same time post apocalyptic and magic on the planet Ooo, thousand years after a nuclear war. This planet is none other than the planet Earth and we follow the adventures of Finn and his magic dog Jake. The Ice King is the king of the ice kingdom and one of their enemies. We see him quite often in the series and it is generally each time to kidnap a princess that he wants to marry. He is each time stopped in time by Finn and Jake.


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