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Iracebeth bronze (Alice Through the Looking Glass)

An unusual person

Iracebeth is represented here in bronze status, partly oxidized and turned green. We find this strange dress open on the front to let appear a kind of shorts with high boots and a heart-shaped corset on top. At the level of the head, we find this kind of bun in the shape of heart and its high collar. Finally, she holds her scepter in her right hand.


A tyrannical queen

Iracebeth is the name of the queen of hearts in the film Alice Through the Looking Glass based on the novel by Lewis Carroll and following the first film directed by Tim Burton. A few years after the first film, Alice has become a great sailor. Back home, she learns that a man wants to take over her house but she doesn’t have time to deal with this problem because she is once again embarked in the wonderland because her friends need her. She will meet Iracebeth much younger before she becomes the terrible and tyrannical queen of hearts. We will also learn how she ended up with such a big head and how it made her so cruel.


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