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Iron Heart (Marvel)

A fitting costume

Funko has represented Iron Heart here with the Tony Stark style armor she made for herself. This one is metallic and mainly pink with black parts and golden lines reminding Iron Man. At the head level, she wears a gold, black and pink helmet reminding the one of Iron Man. There is also a luminous heart on her forehead as well as on her heart and the palms of her hands. Finally, she is represented in flight.


The successor of Iron Man

From her real name Riri Williams, Iron Heart is a character created by the Marvel publishing house and is part of the Avengers universe and Iron Man in particular. She is a young genius of fifteen years old who is already studying at MIT to become an engineer. With parts she stole, she builds herself an armor close to Iron Man’s but she gets caught by the campus security and runs away with her armor. In the process, she prevents two criminals from escaping from prison. When she returns home, Tony Stark has heard of her and comes to encourage her to become a superhero.


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