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Stan Lee (Captain America The First Avenger)

A decorated general

Stan Lee is represented here with his general uniform. He is wearing beige pants with brown shoes. On top, he wears a brown khaki jacket characteristic of the American army and we can see on his chest that he has many medals. We can see that he has, as always, a white mustache, white hair and round glasses. Finally, he also wears a cap completing his military uniform with the golden badge representing an eagle on the front.


A first cameo

Stan Lee is one of the most famous members of the Marvel Comics publishing house. With the war raging in Europe, he found himself acting editor in chief at only 19 years old. Later he would help create many of the publishing house’s most famous superheroes, including the Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Avengers and the X-Men. In the 1960s, he became editorial director and was instrumental in the revival of the publishing house. From the early 2000s, he was no longer involved in the publishing house’s activities, but he was a consultant on the film adaptations and was famous for his numerous cameos in each of them. In Captain America, he is one of the generals present at the ceremony of the Medal of Valor given to Steve Rogers.


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