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Iron Man (Avengers Infinity War)

Iron Man in flight

Iron Man is back in his armor and he is represented here in flight on a transparent plastic base. We can recognize this red metal with lines and some silver lines. One of his hands is closed in a fist and the other one holds one of his futuristic plasma weapons. On his back, we can also see the two mechanical wings that allow him to fly. Finally, his helmet completely covers his head with two white eyes.


The injured hero must return to duty

Iron Man, whose real name is Tony Stark, is one of the many heroes of the Marvel Studios movie Infinity War. After the events of the second Avengers and then Captain America Civil War, Tony Stark had largely distanced himself from the world of superheroes, traumatized by the idea of causing even more damage as was the case with Ultron. But in Infinity War, Thanos arrives on Earth with the goal of getting all the Infinity Stones that would make him terribly powerful. And so despite their conflicts and their reluctance to resume the fight, the Avengers will have to resume the fight by all working together.


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