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Jack (Titanic)

An elegant young man

Jack is shown here with the elegant suit he wears while dining in first class with Rose, her family and a few other passengers. Thanks to the kind American first class passenger who took a liking to him, Fitz is wearing an elegant suit that allows him not to be mocked by the other passengers, as Rose’s fianc? had hoped. It’s a classic tails suit with a white bow tie and matching jacket. He is clean-shaven and his blond hair is styled back. He stands with one hand behind his back, very straight, as when he comes to escort Rose to the dinner table.


A romantic hero

Jack is one of the two heroes of the movie Titanic, telling the true story of the famous shipwreck through the tragic (and fictional) love story between two passengers of different classes. Jack is a very modest worker who wins his ticket for the Titanic in a poker game just a few minutes before its departure, and barely boards. One evening, while walking on the deck, he sees a young woman in first class trying to jump overboard. He managed to stop her and brought her back on board. To thank him, her fianc? invites him to dinner the next night. Jack meets Rose again on the deck, shows her his drawings and chats with her, and a bond is created between them. That night, he takes her dancing in first class and the next day, they meet and kiss for the first time. They quickly fall in love and when the iceberg hits the ship, they have already decided to run away together once in New York. Unfortunately, after a series of unfortunate events, they fail to get on a lifeboat and Jack freezes to death while waiting for help. However, in her misfortune, Rose decides to pretend to be dead and is finally released from her mother and fianc? to live the kind of full life she could have had with Jack.


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