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Rose & Jack (Titanic)

A cult moment

For this exclusive 2-pack, Funko decided to represent Jack and Rose during the cult scene where they stand on the bow of the ship and shout that they are the kings of the world. Jack is wearing his simple modest man’s outfit: beige high-waisted pants with a white shirt and brown suspenders, with brown shoes. He also wears a simple black coat with a very simple shape. At the level of the head, we find his blond hair very simply styled. Rose wears a more elaborate outfit. It is a long blue skirt worn with a white embroidered shirt and a jacket tightened by a thick belt of a lighter blue around the waist. She wears a white scarf that falls on her arms. Finally, her curly red hair is undone and simply held back slightly by an elegant little comb.


A Cursed Couple

Jack and Rose are the famous and tragic heroes of the movie Titanic. This film recounts the events that led to the sinking of the famous ship through the love story of Jack and Rose. Rose is a young English middle-class woman whose family is not so rich anymore, and who embarks on the Titanic with her mother and the American fianc? whom she does not love but who will allow her family to keep its way of life. Jack is a very modest young man who wins his ticket for the Titanic in a poker game at the very last moment. One night, after another evening with her fianc? who only sees her as an object, she feels desperate and goes to the third class deck and climbs over the parapet to try to commit suicide. But Jack is there and convinces her not to jump by threatening to jump with her if she does. Over the next few days, she sees him again and quickly falls under the spell of his innocence and kindness. One night, after he has been invited to dinner at the rich people’s house, Jack takes her dancing in third class. After yet another rebuke from her fianc?, Rose goes to see Jack and asks him if she can run away with him once they arrive in New York. Unfortunately, their happiness will be short-lived, as shortly after, the ship hits the iceberg and Jack loses his life.


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