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Rose (Titanic)

An elegant lady

Rose is shown here wearing the dress she wears at the dinner Jack is invited to as a thank you for saving her. It is a dark red evening gown with several ruffles and elegant sequined patterns. In the fashion of the time, the waist is very clearly marked and the sleeves are short. She wears white gloves above the elbow and a small black handbag. She wears an elegant diamond necklace, matching earrings and her red hair is pulled back into a bun with a few curly strands sticking out in the front of her face and neck.


A cult heroine

Rose is the heroine of James Cameron’s cult film Titanic, telling the true story of the sinking of the Titanic through the story of one of its wealthy passengers, Rose, played by Kate Winslet. Rose boards the Titanic with her mother and her wealthy American fianc?, whom she will marry once she arrives in the United States. We soon realize that Rose has no love for this man, but since her family has largely lost its fortune, she has no other choice if she wants to support herself and her mother. The man is jealous and possessive and treats Rose more like an object than a person. On the verge of despair, Rose escapes one night and climbs over the parapet. As she tries to work up the courage to jump, she is stopped by Jack, a young man from the third grade who was passing by. He convinces her not to jump and a certain bond develops between them. The next day, she finds him on the bridge and he shows her his drawings. Soon they became close and fell in love. When the ship hits the famous iceberg, they are together and have already decided to run away together when they arrive in New York. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned and when they find themselves in the water while waiting for help, Jack leaves Rose on their makeshift raft and freezes to death before they arrive.


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