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Jack Skellington Scary Face (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

A terrifying face

Jack is represented here making a rather terrifying grimace where he pulls on the sides of his mouth, revealing many sharp teeth as well as his tongue split like a snake. His eyebrows are also furrowed to add to the ferocity of the expression. Otherwise, we find his usual black and white striped suit with a tails jacket and his bow tie in the shape of a bat. His hands are white and skeletal.

The King of Halloween

Jack Skellington is the hero of the stop motion animation The Nightmare Before Christmas from Disney Studios. Jack is a living skeleton and has a knack for putting up the creepiest Halloween decorations and tricks. This comes in handy because he is the leader of the Halloween festivities in the town. Unfortunately, for the past few years, Jack hasn’t really felt the excitement of scaring people on Halloween. So he goes into the woods in search of inspiration and accidentally ends up in Christmas Village where everyone seems happy. He thinks this is the solution to his problem and decides to organize Christmas instead of Halloween. But it’s not easy to make the town’s inhabitants understand this concept and very quickly, Jack will realize that it’s not what he was missing in his life but something simpler: love.


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