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Mayor in Ghost Cart (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

On the way to Halloween

The mayor is shown here in a Halloween train car for this Pop Trains figure. All of the cars in this series connect to each other and are pulled by the locomotive driven by Jack Skellington. This car is shaped like the head of the vampire ghost who is one of the toys that the inhabitants of the town of Halloween try to make for Christmas without understanding that they should not be scary. He has a smile with sharp teeth and big eyes. Only the mayor’s upper body stands out with his elegant gray jacket and his old-fashioned mayor’s badge. We also find his funny yellow conical head and his top hat.

An outdated mayor

The mayor is the mayor of the town of Halloween in Tim Burton’s The Strange Christmas of Mr. Jack. He is the mayor of the town of Halloween, but he is far from being its most important citizen. Indeed, Jack Skellington is the leader of the Halloween festivities and the real star and the mayor is content to help Jack in all his crazy and terrifying projects. He’s a pretty nice guy but he’s a funny two-faced creature and when he panics or gets mad, his head spins around to reveal a much less friendly face. This will happen many times when Jack decides, against all odds, to have the Christmas party instead of Halloween this year.


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