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Jackie Chun (Dragon Ball)

A grandmaster

Jackie Chun is represented here wearing his grandmaster kimono. This one is composed of black pants and a jacket with long sleeves and white edges. He is leaning forward in an attack posture. At the head level, he has his usual white mustache and beard but he also has grey hair which differentiates him from his usual appearance.


A cult disguise

Jackie Chun is in fact Muten Roshi, the martial arts master of Goku and many other characters of the Dragon Ball series afterwards. He decides to put on a wig and to take on this new identity in order to give his students a challenge so that they don’t rest on their laurels. He enters martial arts competitions during which he will meet several of his students, including Goku, still a child at this period of the manga and the anime series. On the other hand, he keeps his usual personality traits such as being a bit perverse.


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