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Jacob (Lost)

The Savior

In the series, the character is seen as a guide with supernatural powers of healing and immortality that seems to bring him closer to Jesus and this is reflected in his appearance. As we can see, he wears gray pants and an antique white tunic and he is always barefoot. At the head level, we find his blond/red hair rather short as well as his slight goatee and finally, he holds a vial of red wine upside down in his right hand.


The guardian of the island

Jacob is an important character of Lost appearing at the end of season 5 and that we find throughout season six. In this series we follow the adventures of a group of survivors on a deserted island after their plane crashes in the middle of the Pacific. Jacob is the mysterious leader of the others”, the not very friendly inhabitants of the island and he is considered the guardian. It is his conflict with his brother the “Man In Black” that caused the plane to crash at the beginning of the series and he is also said to have supernatural powers.


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