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Jay (The Descendants)

Jafar’s modernized look

Like the other children of villains in the series, Jay wears clothes that are very loosely based on the look of their known parent but in a modernized version. We find the blue pants and black boots of Jay but what is most representative is his tunic composed of several pieces of different colors and the matching red belt. At the level of the head, his face is very simple but we find his long hair as well as the red cap that he never leaves.



Jay’s son is one of the four main characters in The Descendants, the original Disney Channel TV movie. In this story, The Beast married Belle and became king of the United States of Auradon. He lives there in peace with all the other inhabitants since all the villains have been sent to the island of oblivion, an island deprived of magic and from which they can not get out. Sixteen years later, the son of the Beast has become king and offers the children of some of these villains to come and study in Auradon. Jay, Jafar’s son, is one of these privileged people.


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