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Jeff Winger (Community)

Leader in spite of himself

Jeff is shown here with one of his typical outfits that can also be found in several promo photos of the series. He wears dark blue jeans with some kind of black high top sneakers. On top, he is wearing a light blue shirt with the collar open and the sleeves folded at the elbows. He stands with one hand in a pocket and the other holding what appears to be a remote control. Finally, he wears a perfectly groomed goatee to match his light brown hair.


The king of the con

Jeff Winger is one of the heroes of the series Community. He was a brilliant and respected lawyer until he confided to one of his colleagues that he had in fact never graduated and the colleague turned him in. He was forced to re-enroll in college to complete a number of courses and semesters in order to be allowed to practice law again. Determined to put in as little effort as possible, he enrolled in a community college (public universities are often considered second-rate in the United States) and chose the easiest subjects. He also joined a study group for his Spanish class just to sleep with one of the other students. But he will, somewhat in spite of himself, find himself the leader of this small heteroclyte group made up of young students, a stay-at-home mom, a rich retiree and an environmental activist.


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