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Joe Gardner soul world (Soul)

A beautiful soul

Joe Gardner is depicted here in his soul form as seen in the afterlife. He has a humanoid form with some distinctive features but he still has that very simplified and white form that all souls are represented with. There are still some touches of color on his body. He has a very large head and wears transparent glasses as well as the hat he wore when he was dead. He also wears a shy smile and points a hand forward.


A New World

Joe Gardner is one of the heroes of Soul, the Pixar cartoon set partly in the Soul world. Joe Gardner is a disillusioned music teacher who still dreams of becoming a real musician in a jazz band. One day, a former student calls him to try out for one of his idols’ bands and he is hired. He is happier than ever but on the way home he falls into a hole in the middle of the road and dies. But Joe refuses to enter the light and while trying to escape, he ends up in the place where new souls are born and prepared to come down to Earth in their bodies. Joe is entrusted with 22, a recalcitrant soul who has never found his life spark and who is fine in the soul world. They then make a deal, he helps her get her pass” to Earth and she gives it to him so that he can be the one to return to her body and she can stay where she is comfortable.


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