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John McEnroe (John McEnroe)

A star of the 80s

John McEnroe is represented here with his look so characteristic of the early 80s. He is wearing short white shorts with white tennis shoes and socks that go up high on the ankle. On top he is wearing a red and blue sports jacket with white lines typical of what he was wearing at the time. He holds his racket in his left hand and the ball in the other, ready to serve. Finally, we find his voluminous hair and his red headband around his forehead.


A characterful champion

John McEnroe is a famous American tennis player born in 1959 in Germany because his father, a soldier, was stationed there. When he returned to the United States, he started playing tennis at the age of eight and quickly distinguished himself from his peers. He became a professional player in 1977 and retired in 1992. He was most famous in the early 1980s, winning several Davis Cups and Grand Slam tournaments (but never winning the Rolland-Garros). He is as much a style player as he is a personality player. He is left-handed and his strengths are attacking, especially with that famous back-to-net serve. He is also very temperamental and we will remember his many spats with the referee, his opponents and even journalists.


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