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Roger Federer (Roger Federer)


The Swiss champion

Roger Federer is a Swiss tennis player born in 1981 in Basel. Born to a South African mother and a Swiss father, his parents moved to Basel before he was born and he grew up there. He started playing tennis at the age of eight and was also passionate about soccer, so much so that he hesitated for a while between the two sports. But at twelve, he finally decided to concentrate on tennis. He was already very promising as a junior and his most notable victory was his double win in singles and doubles at Wimbledon in 1998. His professional career began at that time. He holds the record of 310 consecutive weeks at the top of the world ATP rankings and has won at least five grand slam tournaments to this day. He is wearing dark blue shorts with white sneakers. On top he is wearing a light blue sweater over a t-shirt of the same color. At the level of the head, we find his short brown hair held back by his dark blue headband. Finally, he holds his racket in his right hand.


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