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Bj?rn Borg (Bj?rn Borg)

An icon of the 70s and 80s

Bj?rn Borg is shown here with his cult look from the late 70s. He is wearing his white shorts with white sneakers and socks with green trim. He is also wearing a red sports jacket with white and green stripes on the edges. He is holding his racket with his right hand while doing a backhand. On the head, we find his blond hair with a headband around the head and his short beard and mustache.


An atypical career

Bj?rn Borg is a Swedish professional tennis player born in Stockholm in 1956. His career was very short since it officially started in 1973 and he retired in 1984. He returned for two years in 1991 before retiring for good. He started playing at the age of nine and won his first tournament at eleven. He won his first world junior championship at 15 and the following year he won the Davis Cup and Wimbledon. He has long held the record for most titles at the French Open and still holds the Wimbledon record ex-aeco with Federer. However, he has only played in the Australian Open once. He is often considered one of the best tennis players of all time


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