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Jon Snow Castle Black (Game Of Thrones)

Jon Snow in training

This is the third version of this character (the second one was only an exclusive variant of the first one). This is most likely due to the fact that he is one of the most popular characters, just like Tyrion and Daenerys. But unlike the latter, her appearance has changed very little over the course of the series. So Funko had to go and get the training outfit that he mainly wears during season 1 in Castle Black. This makes it possible to offer a new figure faithful to the character and matching the one of Samuel Tarly, released in the same series. We can recognize his training armor worn over a dark gray quilted tunic. True to the colors of the Guard, the rest of his outfit is black from his boots to his leather gloves. As in the series, he holds in his hand one of the coarse training swords with an almost black blade. As for his face, it is exactly the same as on the previous figure. We can recognize his black and curly hair as well as his very marked goatee. The only difference seems to be his skin color, which is a bit lighter on the new version of the character.


The bastard with an unusual destiny

Jon Snow is one of the main characters of the series Game Of Thrones” and the novels “A Song Of Ice And Fire” from which the series is derived. Jon Snow is the bastard son of Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell and the North. The identity of his mother remains a secret and many theories are developed by fans about it. At the beginning of the series, Jon leaves for Castle Black at the wall that marks the border between the kingdom of Westeros and the wilderness to the north. There he joins a brotherhood, the Night’s Watch, for which he must give up his name and heritage, and swear to defend the realm from the “savages” and other disturbing creatures living beyond the wall. Despite his father’s execution and his brother Robb’s entry into the war, Jon will have to focus on his mission and the growing dangers coming from the North. Sent on patrol to the other side of the wall, Jon and his brothers will have to fight an army of creatures called “The Others”. Then, under the orders of a superior, he will pretend to betray his own to join the savages and learn their battle plans against the Wall. Finally, back among his own people, and despite his young age, he will have to coordinate the response against the savage attack almost single-handedly.


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