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Katniss The Girl On Fire (The Hunger Games)

Katniss and her dress of fire

This second figurine of Katniss shows her with the outfit she wears when she is interviewed in order to present herself to the public before the Hunger Games. On this occasion her stylist Cinna will create a dress in adequacy with the district where she comes from and with her temperament. The idea is to make her unforgettable in order to help her to get sponsors who will help her during the games. As in the movie, we can see that this dress is red and long. Funko has respected the details of the slightly pleated neckline and the whole held on one shoulder. In the film, when Katniss turns on herself, Cinna has created a technique that gives the illusion that she takes fire. It is thanks to this dress, and the outfit she wears at the fashion show earlier, that she gets the nickname Girl On Fire”. Funko has rather nicely rendered this effect by adding flames on the bottom of her dress. On the head, her face is quite simple but the hairstyle she wears at that moment has been, once again, quite well rendered.


Katniss, the girl on fire

Katniss Everdeen is the central character of the literary trilogy The Hunger Games” adapted into four films. The story takes place in the rather distant future in Panem, on the ruins of the United States. This country, divided into 13 districts, is ruled by an authoritarian government, the Capitol. 75 years before the beginning of the events of the book, the people tried to revolt but failed and the Capitol set up a bloody tradition: the Hunger Games. Each year, two young people from each district are drawn and must fight to the death in an arena and only one is allowed to survive. During one of these draws in district 12, Katniss Everdeen will volunteer to spare her younger sister who was drawn. Once they arrive at the Capitol and before the games begin, the “champions” from each district will be put on TV like reality TV stars do today. It is there that Katniss and Peeta, the other champion of her district will realize that to survive, forming alliances could also be important.


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