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President Snow (The Hunger Games)

The Man with the Rose

President Snow is represented here as we see him in one of the scenes of the second movie: Catching Fire. When Peeta and Katniss are on their tour of champions, President Snow greets them at the Capitol with a glass of champagne. As almost always, his outfit is in shades of red, here burgundy. We also find the details of his suit as the black lapel of his jacket or his gloves, as well as the white rose, his symbol, hanging on his collar. On the head, we find his short white beard and his white hair always styled backwards. His face is quite simple but Funko did not forget his thick white eyebrows represented in relief and positioned to give him a threatening look. We will also note the presence of wrinkles under his eyes to give an idea of his age and the fact that he often looks bad. Finally he holds in his right hand a glass of champagne.


The Man in Charge

President Snow is one of the most important characters in The Hunger Games trilogy of books and movies. The events take place in the more or less distant future in Panem, the country built on what we know today as the United States. Panem is a country governed in a very authoritarian way from the Capitol. Seventy-five years before the events of the first book, the 13 districts that make up Panem revolted, but failed. The thirteenth district was wiped off the map and a tradition was created to remind the people of the power of the Capitol over the people. Each year, two young men between the ages of 12 and 18 are chosen from each of the twelve districts of Panem and fight to the death in an arena, with the last survivor being crowned grand champion. President Snow is the leader of this country. From the first part of the trilogy, he does not tolerate the rebellious spirit of Katniss, the contestant from district 12. Indeed, she has arranged for her and Peeta, the other competitor from district 12, to survive. From the second book, Katniss having sown the seeds of revolt, he will do everything to make sure that she dies.


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