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Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

A sky blue jersey

Kevin De Bruyne is pictured here wearing the Manchester City team outfit: white shorts and a sky blue jersey with his sponsor written large on the chest. He is also wearing orange sneakers and sky blue socks. On the head, we find his blond hair styled in spikes on top of the head.


A boy from Ghent

Kevin De Bruyne is a Belgian footballer playing internationally as a central or attacking midfielder. Born in 1991 in Flemish Belgium, he started playing soccer in his hometown of Tronchiennes before joining KKA Gent. In 2005, he finally left Gent to join the training center of Genk. He played for FC Genk for a while before joining the Chelsea team. He alternated between Chelsea and other clubs he was loaned to before finally joining Manchester City in 2015.


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