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Khal Drogo (Game Of Thrones)

A profusion of details

This Khal Drogo figure is one of the most faithful and detailed of the Game Of Thrones series. Coming from a people of nomadic warriors of the often desert plains, he wears clothes adapted to this way of life. We can recognize the brown leather pants and boots as well as this kind of leather belt/armor decorated with a belt of gold coins. The warrior being always shirtless, Funko represented him like that without forgetting his imposing musculature as well as the blue war paint he wears all the time. His face is particularly well rendered with the makeup around his eyes and the scar on his eyebrow. His hair, whose length is directly proportional to the ferocity of the warrior, is well represented with this long ponytail that reaches almost to his knees. Finally Funko has definitely not been stingy with details with this famous Dothraki sword or his armors on the wrists.


Daenerys’ first conquest

Khal Drogo is one of the important characters of the Game Of Thrones season 1 series and of the novels A Song Of Ice And Fire”. At the beginning of season 1, Viserys and Daenerys are in exile after their father, the mad king Aerys, lost the war. Viserys, who wants to regain the throne, sells his sister in marriage to Khal Drogo, against the help of his army. Played by Khal Drogo is a fearsome warlord of the nomadic Dothraki people. The Dothraki are barbarians who do not hesitate to plunder, kill and rape men, women and children. Although he marries Daenerys against her will, he will show himself to be more gentle with her than he seems and they will even end up falling in love with each other. But their beautiful story will not last very long. Indeed Drogo will die at the end of season 1 of a simple infected wound, leaving Daenerys alone with a few faithful warriors and a whole people to guide.


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