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Labrador Retriever marron (Pets)

A rarer color

The first Labrador figurine represented the dog in its most common beige color so for this second figurine, Funko decided to represent it with this dark brown color called chocolate in France. At the level of the head, we recognize well this head with its reasonably elongated muzzle, its large drooping ears and especially its very marked eyebrows which give it this so expressive air. At the level of the body, we can see this fur a little thicker at the level of the chest and it is thus entirely of this famous chocolate brown color.


Most popular dog

With Labrador being one of the most popular dogs in the world, it was no surprise that Funko decided to represent more of them for their Pets collection. The Labrador is a cross between Newfoundland dogs, which explains its love of water and resistance to cold, and English hunting dogs. That’s why it was originally a retriever for hunting, but its particularly gentle and intelligent character makes it a very popular companion dog for families, but also for the disabled, the blind or the autistic.


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