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Leroy Sane (Manchester City)

The blue jersey

Leroy Sane is pictured here wearing the light blue jersey of the Manchester City team. He is also wearing white shorts and orange sneakers worn with blue socks. On the head, we find his brown skin as well as his curly hair very voluminous and his small goatee. Like the other soccer figures, he stands with his hands on his hips and his foot on the ball.


An international player

Leroy Sane is a French-German soccer player who plays internationally as an attacking midfielder. He was born in 1996 into a very athletic family. His mother is a German gymnast and his father a French-Senegalese footballer. He started playing soccer at a young age in the Schalke club where he was trained and participated in the UEFA youth league. He played with this club for several years before signing with the Manchester City club in 2016.


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