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Loki TVA (Loki)

An ordinary look for a god

Loki is thus represented here wearing the VAT uniform that he is given when he agrees to help them. He is wearing a retro-looking suit with brown pants slightly widened at the bottom, a blue shirt and a beige jacket with the VAT logo. He also wears a tie in shades of brown and a belt buckle with the TVA logo. He is standing with his hands in his pockets and we can see his long black hair styled backwards.


A god in the administration

Loki is the hero of the series of the same name in the Marvel universe. The series begins when, while he has just been arrested by the Avengers after the attack on New York, he manages to escape. The Avengers’ return to time allowed him to seize the Tesseract and teleport to another time and place. But then armed men arrive and arrest him in the name of the VAT for violating the sacred timeline” and take him through a magical portal. He learns that by taking the tesseract, he has created a divergent timeline and is therefore a “variant” himself and must be put to death. But Mobius, a VAT agent, pleads his case because he could help them with an ongoing investigation. Indeed, another variant of Loki is causing chaos in the timelines. Loki then finds himself working for the VAT in spite of himself.


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