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Loot Llama 10″ (Fortnite)

More loot

For this new figure, Funko has represented the llama loot in a 10-inch version (or 25 cm). As in the game, this llama is in shades of pink and blue and as composed of lots of small paper flounces. His head is pink and his mouth is open giving him a surprised look. His legs are blue and simple like a toy. Finally, on his back, he carries a kind of saddle with a lock and a drawn chest, which the player has to break to get what is inside.


An important resource

The Loot llama is not a character per se but rather an object in the video game Fortnite Battle Royale. Indeed, it is an object that can be found in only three places per game and which contains loot, that is to say weapons, food or even rare items that can serve the player to survive longer. This famous loot can be obtained simply by tapping on it with a weapon, which, with its very colorful look and shape, reminds us of birthday pinatas.


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