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Melisandre translucide (Game Of Thrones)

A transparent Melisandre

Funko decided to represent her in a translucent red plastic for this alternative figurine of Melisandre. Indeed, except for the skin of her face, her hands, her neckline and the wood of the torch she carries, the whole figure is in a translucent red plastic that gives the impression of being on fire when the light passes through. As on the first figure created for this character, we find this long red dress with very wide sleeves and a deep V-neckline. Her long red hair is simply embellished with two braids that hold her hair in her back. And finally, she holds in her right hand a flaming torch.


The priestess of fire

Melisandre is an important character in the fantasy series Game Of Thrones. She appears in season 2 with Stannis Baratheon and is a priestess of R’hlor convinced that he is the prince whose arrival was announced by an ancient prophecy. During several seasons, she will do everything to help him come to power, not hesitating to incite him to kill his own brother. Until the day when Stannis is the only one to answer Jon Snow’s call to fight the White Walkers’ army. While Stannis is away fighting the Boltons and they are overwhelmed by the snow, she convinces him to sacrifice his own daughter to the fire god. Obviously this has no effect and Stannis is killed with the rest of his army. Melisandre returns to the wall and it is there that she will have the opportunity to practice her magic and bring Jon Snow back to life when he is betrayed by his own men. Later on she will also convince Daenerys to send a message to make an alliance with Jon.


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