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Michael Scott with Straight Jacket (The Office)

A failed act

Michael Scott is featured here in this episode where he attempts to do an escapism act while wearing a straitjacket and chains. The number fails of course and he loses the key of the lock. We find him with his dark blue suit pants and his black shoes and we can see his shirt under his straitjacket. At the head level, we find his black hair combed on the side and the worried expression on his face.


An exhausting boss

Michael Scott is one of the main characters of the American series The Office telling the life and adventures of the employees of the paper company Dunder Mifflin from the point of view of a cameraman filming them for a kind of documentary. Michael Scott is the boss of the Scranton branch, the one filmed for the documentary. He is a former salesman who became a boss because of his talent for selling, despite his lack of education. He is an extremely egocentric man who likes to show off a lot and pretend to have some kind of wisdom, never realizing that he is ridiculous and that most of the employees are laughing at him. He can also be unintentionally sexist and racist, and yet he has a good heart and is very attached to his employees, whom he considers to be family, except for some of them whom he hates.


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