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Mickey Mouse with popsicle (Mickey Mouse and Friends)

A greedy mouse

Mickey is represented here with his traditional outfit as seen in the series Mickey Mouse and Friends. His body is black with a long tail and he stands on his hind legs. He is also wearing red shorts with white buttons and big yellow shoes. On his head, he has a small pointy nose and big round ears. In his hand, he holds a red lollipop shaped like his head.


Mickey and his gang

Mickey Mouse is the mascot of the Disney production company and the hero of many films, series, video games and short films. Mickey first appeared on screen in the short film Steamboat Willie in 1928 where he is employed on a steamboat. Mickey is an anthropomorphic mouse living and acting like a human, living in a house and even having a dog. He is a very playful character with a characteristic high-pitched voice. His world is quickly enriched by other characters such as Minnie, his lover, but also his friends Donald, the duck or Dingo the dog.


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