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Mickey organization 13 chase glow in the dark (Kingdom Hearts)

Infiltrated Mickey

For this chase figure of the classic version of Mickey Organization 13, Mickey is almost identical except that the key he holds in his right hand glows in the dark. Otherwise, he still wears this famous magic coat of the members of the organization which always seems to adapt to the physique of the person who wears it. So we can guess his ears under his hood and he also wears black gloves and shoes.


King Mickey

Mickey is one of the important protagonists of the Kingdom Hearts video games whose hero is the young Sora in search of his friends in a world where he meets many characters from the Disney universe. In the second opus, after having found his friends, Sora finds himself facing the Organization 13, nobodies” having lost their heart and trying to recover it. To face them, Sora will need, among others, King Mickey.


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