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Miguel Diamond (Coco)

A funny skeleton

For this new version of Miguel, he is represented in Diamond version, that is to say covered with glitter. As in the movie, he wears simple blue jeans and a red hoodie that hides the back of his head. At the level of the face, he wears a white make-up of skeleton to pass unnoticed among the dead. His eyes are circled in black as well as his nose and his mouth is drawn like a skeleton’s.


A family story

Miguel is the main character in the Disney Studios cartoon Coco set in Mexico. Miguel is passionate about music and dreams of playing the guitar, but it’s a taboo subject in his family since his great-grandfather, partner of Ernesto De La Cruz, the town hero and famous musician, abandoned his great-grandmother in favor of his career. So, on the night of the Feast of the Dead, Miguel goes to steal the guitar from Ernesto De La Cruz’s mausoleum in order to enter the music contest. But then he finds himself transported to the world of the dead and he will need the help of his dead ancestors to return to the living. On the way, he will also discover many secrets about his family.


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