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Mobius (Loki)

A 70’s look

Mobius is shown here with the somewhat retro suit he wears throughout the series. He wears a brown suit with pants that are a little wider at the bottom and a matching jacket. He also wears a tie in shades of brown and black shoes. At the level of the head, we find his gray hair and his matching mustache. Finally, in his right hand, he holds the stick that is used by the VAT agents to kill the variants.


A dedicated employee

Mobius is one of the heroes of the Loki series in the Marvel universe. He is part of a very secret agency that regulates time and timelines. They are supposed to obey the Time Keepers” who dictate what is supposed to happen in the sacred timeline and must stop all people who deviate from their path, become variants and risk creating alternate timelines. The agency was created after a war between timelines that nearly destroyed everything. At the beginning of the series, the TVA arrested Loki, who managed to escape after being arrested by the Avengers in New York, and created a new timeline. As he was about to be sentenced to death, Mobius pleaded on his behalf to help in an investigation. Mobius is a dedicated agent of the TVA but sometimes he does things a little differently and it works in Loki’s favor. And the closer they get to the other variant of Loki stirring up trouble, the more Mobius begins to question the wisdom of what the TVA is doing.


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