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Mr Compress (My Hero Academia)

Outstanding style

Mr. Compress is shown here with his super-villain costume with a very elegant style. He wears a long yellow coat with two rows of buttons at the waist and a wide sophisticated collar. He is also wearing black boots with 19th century style fabric protectors. He wears red gloves and in one hand he holds the famous balls of compressed objects and in the other his cane. On his head, he wears this strange black and white mask completely hiding his face and a red and brown top hat with a big white feather.


The most intelligent super-villain

Mr Compress, whose real name is Atsuhiro Sako, is one of the most powerful and dangerous super-villains of the anime series and of the manga My Hero Academia, a world in which almost everyone has an alter that gives him an unusual ability. Mr. Compress is considered the most intelligent of the super-villains and for this reason, he quickly takes the lead of the super-villain alliance. His alter is compress, which means that he has the ability to compress all kinds of very large objects into a very small marble. In battle, he can then throw these marbles and make them decompress, allowing him to place very large obstacles in the path of his enemies.


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