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Nagini (The Crimes Of Grindelwald)

A dangerous animal

If we have to see the movie to know what made Nagini end up being a snake permanently, Funko decided to represent the character in his snake form. It is a large brown/green snake coiled on itself with just the head up. We find the detail of its scales and patterns that can be seen on it. At the head level, we find his big yellow terrifying eyes as well as his mouth open on terrifying fangs as well as this funny tongue separating in two at the end.


The origins of the snake

Nagini is the famous snake, pet of the terrible Voldemort and which we learn at the end of the Harry Potter saga, that it is also one of his famous horcruxes. In the movie The Crimes of Grindelwald, which follows the movie The Fantastic Beasts, we discover that Nagini was a woman who used her specific ability to transform herself into an animal to earn a living in a circus. She will cross paths with the young Credence Barebone whose very religious and anti-wizard family pushed him to deny his powers, making him particularly dangerous.


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