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Nairobi (La Casa De Papel)

An inimitable look

Like all the other robbers, Nairobi wears her red jumpsuit with a zipper and big black comfortable boots. She holds her gun across her chest on a shoulder strap. At the head, we find her voluminous black hair and her large eyebrows as well as her big nose which gives so much character to her face. Finally, she holds in her hands a bundle of banknotes.


The forger of the group

Nairobi is one of the main characters of the Spanish series La Casa de Papel. She is recruited at the beginning of the series by The Professor, who will offer her and seven other criminals to participate in one of the largest heists in the world. Nairobi has the particularity of being a counterfeiter, which is a good thing since the goal of the robbery is not to steal money or jewels but to lock themselves in the house of the currency in order to print their own banknotes, more than two billion euros completely untraceable. Beyond the fact that she is a counterfeiter, she has a cheerful personality, considering what she does as an art and does not show any violence, even being friendly and helping some of her hostages during the robbery. During the preparation of the robbery, she got particularly close to Tokio, Denver, Rio and the Professor.


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