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Number Five chase (The Umbrella Academy)

Always a superhero

For this chase version of the character, Number Five is still portrayed looking like a fifteen-year-old and wearing his academy uniform, but he also wears the superhero mask he wore as a child during his missions. He wears blue shorts with a blazer with the colors of the academy and a small sweater over a white shirt and a tie. He also wears high socks and black shoes and holds a cup of coffee in his hand, something he missed the most in the years after the apocalypse. Finally, he is shown with his black hair and black superhero mask.

A disillusioned teenager

Number Five is one of seven children with supernatural powers adopted by Reginald Hargreeves to found the Umbrella Academy, a kind of superhero troupe. Number Five’s power was to travel through space and time. His father had always forbidden him to travel in time, but he tried it when he was fifteen and found himself stuck in a post-apocalyptic future. He grew old in this time and survived before being recruited by the Time Commission to become one of its assassins whose job is to make sure that the time line is never altered. He accepted the job but only to find the means and resources to return to his family to try to prevent the apocalypse with them. He succeeded in doing so a few days after the death of their adoptive father, but the method he used brought him back to his fifteen year old body. This made it difficult to convince his siblings of the reality of his claims.


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