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Allison Injured (The Umbrella Academy)

A dark look

Allison is portrayed here as we see her in the version of the apocalypse witnessed by Number Five but also in one of the final scenes where the siblings will face together Lila, the daughter of the handler” who kidnapped Harlan, the son of Vanya’s friend. She wears an all black outfit composed of pants with wide bottoms, boots and a kind of big coat/cape with black leather gloves. At the level of the head, we find her brown skin as well as her long black hair slightly curled and falling down in a fringe on the forehead. We can also see that she has a wound on her left cheek.

A new era

Allison is one of the heroines of the Umbrella Academy series following the adventures of former child superheroes who have become adults and have all followed a new path. Allison has the power to suggest and make people do what she wants using the phrase I heard a rumor…”. She had become an actress but the death of her adoptive father forced her to see her siblings again. At the end of season two, while they were trying to prevent Vanya from destroying the Earth with her very strong powers, Number Five sent them all back in time to the 1960s, separated from each other. Lonely and afraid and still having great difficulty speaking because of her injury, she took refuge in a hair salon where she met an activist for African-American rights whom she fell in love with and who also pushed her to get involved. She stayed in that world for a few years before Fifth shows up to reunite the family and tell them that the apocalypse that should have happened far in the future is coming in a few days, forcing Allison to choose between her new life and her family.


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