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Baby Pogo (The Umbrella Academy)

Adorable Pogo

Pogo is represented here as we see him in the 60s. He is a small chimpanzee standing on his hind legs with his arms along his body with dark brown fur and his face and hands in a much lighter brown without fur. He is wearing a white jumpsuit reminiscent of a sportsman’s suit or astronaut’s undersuit. His name Pogo” is written on his chest. On his face, we can see a slightly angry expression.

A monkey before his transformation

Pogo is an important character in the series The Umbrella Academy. The series centers on six adults who were born under surprising circumstances and adopted by the same man who made them members of a superhero academy with their unusual abilities. Pogo is the chimpanzee butler who has been genetically modified by the children’s adoptive father to be much smarter and talk. In the second season of the series, the six siblings find themselves in the 1960s thanks to the power of number five in order to escape the apocalypse caused by Vanya. To get back to their time, the siblings try to find their father, who was not their father at the time, and stumble upon his doctor’s office as well as a baby Pogo who still seems to be a simple chimpanzee. We soon realize that the father of the superheroes has already planned to carry out experiments on him.


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