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Vanya (The Umbrella Academy)

An apocalyptic violinist

Vanya is represented here as we see her in the last episode of season one when she gives her violin concert and her power manifests to hold people back. We can see on the face that her eyes have become white and circled with black. Her brown hair is slightly curly and falls slightly in her back. She is otherwise wearing pants, a white shirt and a black tie as well as a jacket with tails. Finally, she holds her violin in her left hand and plays it with her right hand.

A not so ordinary girl

Vanya is one of seven children born to a woman who was not pregnant until then and adopted by an eccentric millionaire. Each child showing unique abilities, he decided to create an academy of superhero children the Umbrella Academy. The series, adapted from a comic book of the same name, begins when the father dies and the children all gather for the funeral. Vanya feels left out as always because she would be the only one without powers and all her life she was told that she was ordinary and could not participate in missions with her siblings. So she devoted herself to playing the violin, but meeting a man with whom she had a strange connection suddenly changed things and she suddenly developed a power. We will then learn that she has always had it but that it was so powerful that her father made her take pills to neutralize it and used her sister’s power to make her forget. So, when all these memories come back and she starts to lose control, things are going to happen, leading to the apocalypse.


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