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Young Ben (The Umbrella Academy)

A gory moment

For this exclusive version at the New York Comic Con, Funko represented Ben in a young version, just after a particularly bloody fight. He’s wearing his academy uniform, blue shorts with a matching jacket and a little plaid wool vest over a white shirt and tie. He is also wearing small black shoes and high socks. On the head, we find his orange complexion as well as the mask on his eyes and his black hair styled on the side. Finally, her face as well as part of her clothes are covered with blood trails and big splashes.

A tragic destiny

Ben is one of the main characters of the series The Umbrella Academy adapted from the comics of the same name. Like his six adopted siblings, he was born to a woman who found herself pregnant and full-term from one second to the next. They were adopted by the cold and eccentric Reginald Hargreeves, who trained them from an early age to become superheroes, all of them having extraordinary abilities. While this worked for a time, the Umbrella Academy was soon disbanded when one by one the children decided to go their own way, which was also precipitated by the death of Ben and the disappearance of Number Five. Ben had some sort of tentacle monster inside him that he could use to fight evil, but one day it wasn’t enough. Despite this, Ben did not leave completely and became a ghost, only visible to his brother Klaus whose power is to see and talk to the dead. Ben is thus stuck with his brother, although he has often used alcohol and drugs to get rid of his gift. At the end of season one, we also learn that Ben can possess Klaus’ body, which he will decide to use.


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