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Allison (The Umbrella Academy)

A star

Allison is represented here as we see her in some promo pictures and wearing the jacket she wears in the last episode. This jacket is made of black leather and looks like a perfecto, but it is longer in the back and flares out from the waist. She is also wearing a blue skirt and black heels. She holds the famous black umbrella of the Umbrella Academy. Finally, at the level of the head, we find her brown skin and her long and curly hair dyed in blond.

A compelling person

Allison is one of the members of The Umbrella Academy in the Netflix series of the same name inspired by the Dark Horse comics. Like her adopted siblings, she was born to a woman who was not pregnant just hours before her birth. And like them, she has a supernatural power, in her case the power to make people do what she wants by suggesting and using the phrase I heard a rumor…”. At the beginning of the series, she left the academy a long time ago and became a movie star with a complicated private life since she lost custody of her daughter after using her power on her. She returns to the academy when her father dies and reunites with her family, whom she has not seen for a long time. Then Number Five, who disappeared when they were fifteen years old, returns and warns them that he has traveled to the future and has seen that an event will bring about the apocalypse in the next seven days. They will have to do everything to prevent it.


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