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Diego (The Umbrella Academy)

A vigilante to the end

Diego is portrayed here as he is seen in the promotional photos of the series and at certain moments in the series. He is wearing gray pants with black boots and a blue sweater. He also wears a kind of brown harness in which he stores his knives and various tools. He holds one of his knives in his left hand with a black glove. Finally, on the head, we find his black mask and the goatee around his mouth.

A child like no other

Diego is one of seven children adopted by the eccentric Reginald Hargreeves in the series and comic The Umbrella Academy. Born, like his brothers and sisters, to a woman who was not pregnant a few hours before, he has, like them, a special ability. He can deflect the trajectory of anything he throws at will (although he has a preference for knives). They had all been trained by their father to be part of a kind of academy for young superheroes. But, like the others, Diego has left the academy to live his life long ago when his father dies at the beginning of the series. This forces him to reunite with his siblings with whom his relationship had not really been great for many years. But it only gets worse when Number Five, their brother who has been missing for years, reappears. He has traveled into the future and can see that the apocalypse is one week away. Somewhat in spite of themselves, Diego and the others will have to work together to find out who or what is behind it and try to stop it.


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