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Klaus Gourou (The Umbrella Academy)

A guru

For this new version of the character, Funko has depicted him as a cult guru as seen at the beginning of season two. He wears a mostly white outfit with striped pants with suspenders, white boots and a long jacket open on the chest revealing his many tattoos. He is represented with the open palms letting see his tattoos Hello” and “Goodbye”. At the level of the head, we find his goatee and his small beard decorated with pearls and his long brown hair. Finally, he is represented with his eyes closed.

An adaptable man

Klaus is one of the main characters of the Umbrella Academy series where we follow the adventures of a group of adopted brothers and sisters who became superheroes when they were children because of their powers. As adults, they all went their own way and it was the death of their adoptive father at the beginning of season 1 that brought them together. Klaus has the ability to see ghosts, which often traumatized him as a child. Because of this, Klaus has fallen into alcohol and drugs that negate his abilities. At the end of season 1, Vanya’s powers destroy the moon and number five manages in extremis to make them all travel back in time. But he doesn’t control his powers well and brings them back to the 60’s where they land in different places without knowing if the others have survived. With his charisma and powers, Klaus becomes a kind of cult/community guru. Allison is the first person he makes contact with before Fifth finds them again to tell them that their time travel has caused a change in the future that means the apocalypse they escaped will actually happen earlier in the 60’s in just a few days.


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