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Diego with knife (The Umbrella Academy)

Always a vigilante

Diego is represented here as we see him at the beginning of this season, with an all-black outfit that he wears to play the vigilante, as he did in his time. He wears black pants with big black boots and a matching jacket. Around his waist and thigh, he wears a kind of harness that allows him to keep his many weapons, especially his knives. He holds one in his right hand. Finally, at the level of the head, his brown hair is half-long and he wears a goatee matching his hair.

A difficult arrival in the 60s

Diego is one of the heroes of the series The Umbrella Academy, adapted from the comics of the same name. In season two, the superhero siblings find themselves sent to the 1960s and separated from each other. Diego, as he did before, tries to continue acting as a vigilante and prevent the Kennedy assassination that is expected to happen in the coming weeks. But when he tells his time travel story, he is quickly put in a mental hospital. Number Five comes to get him out but as Diego refuses to try to prevent Kennedy’s assassination, he decides to leave him there. Diego manages to escape with the help of Lila, another patient. But Lila is not as crazy as she seems, since she is in fact the daughter of The Handler, whom The Handler sent to recruit Diego and get to Fifth. Finally, Number Five will manage to reunite his siblings to try to prevent the new apocalypse that should take place in a few days, once again caused by Vanya, in spite of herself this time.


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