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Luther (The Umbrella Academy)

An impressive physique

Due to his gorilla-like torso, Luther always wears very covering clothes that only make his appearance even more impressive. Here he is wearing brown pants with a gray sweater and a long green coat with gold buttons. He also wears black mittens that help hide the hair on his hands. At the head level, we find his air always a little sad, his blond hair as well as the goatee and the light beard.

The most faithful of the siblings

Luther is one of seven adopted children with paranormal abilities in the series The Umbrella Academy. Their adoptive father founded the Umbrella Academy to make superheroes. Luther is considered number one because he is the most serious and loyal to his father. His power is to have superhuman strength. But while his brothers and sisters left the academy as they went along, he was not a very warm man, Luther was the last to stay and go on a mission. Luther was the last one to stay and go on missions, until one of them ended badly and he was seriously injured. His father injected him with a serum that saved him but gave him gorilla DNA, which greatly altered his body. His father then sent him on a mission to the moon for several years before his death. It was then the occasion to reunite with his brothers and sisters. And it was also at this time that Number Five, their brother who had disappeared when he was fifteen, returned. All this time he was stuck in the future and he comes back to tell them that the apocalypse will happen in a few days. And they’ll have to work together to prevent it.


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