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Hazel (The Umbrella Academy)

A terrifying mask

Hazel is represented here with the bear mask that he wears when he is after a target, in order not to be recognized. This one is blue, pink, red and yellow with a big scary smile with yellow teeth. He also wears a dark blue suit with a matching tie and we can see his imposing build. Finally, he also holds a big shotgun in his hands with which he pursues his targets.

A disillusioned assassin

Hazel is one of the two assassins in the duo sent to kill Number Five in the series The Umbrella Academy adapted from the comic of the same name. At the beginning of the series, the adopted father of the seven Hargreeves children dies, and they reunite at the family home for the first time in years. Indeed, having been adopted for the strange circumstances of their birth and their supernatural abilities, Reginald Hargreeves had trained the children to become superheroes for the Umbrella Academy. But he was not very affectionate, so they all went their separate ways. Except for Ben who died and Number Five who had disappeared at the age of fifteen. He arrives after the funeral and announces that he has been traveling in the future for years. The apocalypse is just days away and they must investigate to prevent it. But his task is not easy because his previous employer, the Time Committee, has sent killers after him to prevent him from trying to change events. Hazel is Cha Cha’s partner. He is a man who enjoys his job as a temporal assassin less and less. He will meet Agnes, the owner of a coffee shop specialized in donuts and he will fall in love with her, which will call into question many things.


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