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Vanya glows in the dark (The Umbrella Academy)

Vanya in control

Vanya is shown here in one of the last scenes of season two when she finally takes control of her power and confronts the daughter of the time controller who has the power to take over everyone she touches. She is dressed all in black with black pants and tunic and is shown levitating. Her skin has turned gray and her eyes and body glow with an unearthly white light.

A powerful power

Vanya is one of the main characters of the series The Umbrella Academy. The series starts with the death of her father. She and her adopted siblings are reunited after being separated for years. Indeed, they were all part of some kind of superhero academy but Vanya was the only one without powers and had written a book about her family. At the end of season one, we learn that Vanya actually had a power so powerful that her father decided to hide it from her by using her sister’s powers. After she causes an apocalypse, their brother Number Five, takes the whole family back in time to save them and they all find themselves separated again. Vanya has lost her memory but her power may resurface to cause another apocalypse.


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