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Number Five (The Umbrella Academy)

A deceptive appearance

As a result of his time travel, Number Five has reverted to his teenage appearance and even his school uniform from when he was in the academy. He wears blue shorts and a blue jacket with a red patch and trim. He is also wearing a white shirt, tie and shoes with high socks. At the head, we find his brown hair with a large lock styled on the side. He holds his coffee in his hand and has, as always, a slightly annoyed or irritated expression.

An old child

Number Five is one of the seven heroes of The Umbrella Academy series based on the comic books of the same name. He is one of a group of adopted children all born on the same day to women who were not pregnant a few hours earlier. The series begins when all the children (now adults) return for the funeral of their adoptive father. He had created the Umbrella Academy” because the children were supposed to demonstrate paranormal abilities. But one of them, Vanya, seemed to be completely ordinary and the atmosphere between the family was generally not very good. Number Five had the power to teleport through time and space. One day, when he was about fifteen, he disappeared and everyone thought he had run away. But a few days after the funeral, he reappeared. He has regained his appearance of when he was fifteen years old and he says he has traveled to the future. According to him, something must happen within seven days and cause the apocalypse. He hopes that with the help of his siblings, he can stop it.


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